making icypoles….

Its summer here in OZ, and that means warm weather (in theory anyway), and in Brisbane, humidity too…. So far our summer has been more like winter with all the rain thats been falling, but there has definately been days of wet and warm too. So icypoles are the perfect foil for the heat, particularly when its to hot to eat but you’re feeling like you should have something.

My childhood consisted of often helping mum to de-seed boxes of stoned fruit like peaches, plums & apricots to be poached, jammed, & stewed.  If there was left overs then they would often end up in the old trusty Tuppaware icypole moulds for us to eat.

So I decided I would fancy up the options this summer with my stewed plums to make a nice desert/summer treat.  Mix and match to your hearts desire with different ingredients.

I used a tip of natural greek yoghurt, stewed plums and then crushed macadamia’s as the prize at the bottom of the treat.

I can imagine doing combinations like the following to come in future months:

  • apricots, vanilla yoghurt & almonds
  • stewed apple, cinnamon, toasted hazelnuts & yoghurt
  • stewed apple, crushed hobnob (oat) biscuits & yoghurt
  • crushed watermelon & pistachio nuts

I don’t think there is any rules about what you combine, the only thing I know is   Alcohol doesn’t freeze very well so I’d be making these ones PG treats.


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