comfort food

We all have them, food that you reach out for when you are in need of a hug, to comfort or make you feel better when you are ill.    You’re not thinking about calories, or your diet, just something that is likely to put a smile on your face for a minute or give you a sense of satisfaction and calm.   We probably use this food to nurture and care for others around us too, hoping that it will ease their pain and put them on the road to recovery.  Or even just act as a hug of the culinary kind.

There is 2 patients in my house at the moment, me being one of them, so quick easy comfort food is something that is essential to keep the bodies working and hopefully healing.  Luckily the passionfruit and white chocolate muffins were made so we had a “sort of” chocolate fix covered.

Lemonade:  Okay, so it’s a drink.  But I have memories as a child of being fed melting lemonade icy poles when I had the mumps and couldn’t eat anything because of my swollen glands.  Even now a glass of the stuff will make me think of this time, and of being nursed by my mum.  Not really much more that is needed to get better than that.

Vegemite (or Marmite) on Toast:  It really does depend on if you ask the Aussie or the Kiwi in the house, but Vegemite on toast for me has long holding memories of childhood and easy good food.  The ultimate is cutting up your bread into little strips (we called them soldiers) and dipping them into a soft-boiled egg.

Homemade Chicken Soup:  This has to be made with homemade stock, but its the best thing I know for helping someone recover from a cold or the flu.  Whether it’s a clear broth or with noodles, there is something about soup that is nurturing and nutritious all at the same time.  It takes some preparation, but really, it’s a very simple thing to make and the nutritious benefit is outstanding.  As winter starts to descend here in Australia it will definitely be a staple dish in my house, sick or not. (stay tuned for that post).

Chocolate: I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t include chocolate on my list.  I love dark chocolate, and milk chocolate, not so much a fan of white.  In particular a few squares of Lindt Lindor will sooth away my troubles and fix what ails my mind.  I could rabble on for hours over the different kinds of chocolate that delight my taste buds, but I won’t.  I’ll only add that Maltesers are a favourite of mine, there is something about the chocolate combined with the crunch when I squish these little delights between my tongue and the roof of my mouth that sings ‘happiness’!  Needless to say, when I saw a recipe for malteser chocolate cookie tart on Lea & Jay’s Blog I was a pretty happy camper.  definitely going to be making this next time I need a chocolate fix.

I’m sure if I think hard there is probably other foods that spring to mind, but this is the foods that I’ll be turning to whilst I’m in my recovery period over the next week or so.  That and some cuddles, and a nice warm bath.

What food do you reach for to nurture yourself or others?


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