limes, wonderful limes….how I love thee….

I had the joy of taking on of my sisters on her first overseas journey many years ago.    We couldn’t decide between Bali, Thailand or Vietnam and so grabbed out a make of South East Asia, closed our eyes and pointed to pick our destination.  It ended up being Malaysia, a country neither of us knew anything about which seemed appropriate as we could explore together and get to know a new country without one of us having a preconceived idea.  For us the food experiences that we had in Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi were delightful, and an absolute highlight.  None more than the fresh limes.  We ate them like oranges, they were fragrant without being offensively sour.   Almost 12 years on and they still linger in my memory.

Fast forward to this past weekend and limes still are one of my favourite citrus fruits.  Often expensive, and imported, I buy them as treats for my Gin and Tonics and if I’m lucky a squeeze here or there on a stir fry or Thai inspired dish.  So you can imagine my delight when I visited one of our local fresh food markets and found limes on sale.  I was very hard pressed to walk past a 5 kg box of limes for $5….

So now what do I create with 5 kg of limes???? and please suggest ideas for me because I”m 3 kg in and starting to struggle…..

Check out some of my creations below by clicking below on the photos… stay tuned for more recipes in the next few days….

Lime Syrup Cake
Lime Marmalade

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