a visual feast of Thai Food


One of the things that fascinates me about travel, is the way that people eat in other countries.  I will always have visiting the local supermarket/market on my list of must do’s, as I love to check out what the daily meals consist of, and to see what flavours are used and how food is presented.   I also love to try new flavours, and tend to go out of my way to avoid my standard eating choices from home, because my holiday travels are as much a culinary journey, as a visual and cultural one.

Thailand, for me, represents ooodles of noodles, beautiful fragrant curries, and lots of seafood and fishy flavours.  Thai people are street eaters. Vendors drive around with a sidecar on their motorbikes that are mobile kitchens, or they set up shop on the side of the street somewhere to cook fresh to order, noodles, grill fish and meats or to freshly cut fruit.  Somethings I’d probably prefer not to know what they are selling, I know nothing is left to waste on an animal, everything is a delicacy for someone, perhaps justn not for me.

Given that a camera is always close to hand when I travel, I thought you might like to see some of what we saw whilst we were away travelling in Phuket and Bangkok this month.

A visual feast of our trip of Thailand for you all to enjoy.

Curries at the Local Fresh Food Market, Patong, Thailand
Fresh Peppercorns
Fresh Root Spices, Ginger, Galangal & Tumeric I think

FIsh Sticks….the Thai Way, Patong
Thai Fruit
Fresh Fruit on Wheels, Patong, Thailand
Fresh Food Market comes to you, Patong, Thailand
BBQ on the streets…Eggs, Banana & Rice Cakes
Donuts….Fair food is still fair food….

Salted and BBQ whole fish
Cinnamon Donut covering a surprise hot dog on a stick…(thai dagwood dog?) sounds weird but it seriously worked and was a great Fair food on a stick!
Iced Coffee on wheels…strong enough to make your teeth vibrate, and probably with enough sugar to fuel the makers bike, its a wonderful pickup me up that rivals Thai Red Bull in strength but wins hands down for flavour
Stir fry for dinner?
Take away shops as they used to be…