One of my favourite places on earth


I moved to Adelaide back in the mid 2000’s to work for a year.  I ended up staying for five, and one of the major reasons I’m sure, is because of the food.

For me the ultimate source of great produce was the Adelaide Central Market.  Four years on, and two cities later and I still talk about how amazing this place is.  With all the stalls jumbled in together, fabulous fresh, local produce to inspire & delight at every turn.  Great prices and a wonderful atmosphere.  I could do a quick dash around on the way to work at 7.30am, or take my time on a weekend, having a freshly made coffee and being inspired by the produce before me.  Often what took my fancy inspired some wonderful experiments in the kitchen, and really helped me to improve my eating habits.  The produce was fresh, locally grown, and for the quality, really, really well priced.

I still long for this place on an almost daily basis.  And I talk about it when I’m trying to find ingredients, or even just longing for simple things like organic celery or fresh crisp apples straight from the tree.  If you’re an Adelaidian and haven’t been recently, go (please), and think of me as you sip on a coffee from the Grind, have breakfast at Lucia’s, nibble on some pomegranate dip and chilli olives from Jaggers,  or buy some Barossa bacon from Barossa Fine Foods.

In Brisbane I’m yet to find somewhere to fulfil the memories, or even come close.  So if you live in the same city as me and have a suggestion of where I could go to get great food, I would love to hear about it….but in the meanwhile….. take a trip down memory lane with me and see some of the Adelaide Market through my eyes.

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  1. mamagwen says:

    Oh these markets are amazing, it’s making me hungry. Oh and look at that bread! yum!
    I really wish there was something like that in Brisbane. There are a few week-end markets, but nothing so scrumptious looking. Have you tried the markets at the Powerhouse in New Farm? Or even the markets in the City on Wednesdays. Like I said, not a patch on the Adelaide markets, but it’s a start 🙂


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