Playing Food Tourist in My Own Hometown: Discovering the Food of Brisbane



Like many before me, I started blogging and fell in love with creating my posts, with chatting to people, discovering new ideas and finding inspiring people and blogs.

And then life got in the way……

This year I’m going to continue to blog my recipes when I create something share worthy.

I am also going to set myself a little challenge to fall in love with food here, and discover what Brisbane has to offer.  Rather than my litany of moaning (I’m sure my friends are starting to get sick of hearing it from me) about it not having the Central Market of Adelaide, or the cheap plethora of restaurant choices of Melbourne, I’m going to get out there and find out for myself just what is hiding out there that I’ve not seen yet.

I’m a relative newcomer to this city, having grown up in Melbourne and spending 5 years of my 20’s living in Adelaide.   My 18 months residence  have been spent mainly living on the outer western fringes of the Brisbane suburbs in an area that has spectacular sunsets, sensational storms, but not much to satisfy the foodie in me.    I keep reading of the growing food culture in this city, and specifically of a growing number of establishments worth visiting out here in the Ipswich Region.  It’s time for me to get out there, and to share with you just what Brisbane has to offer foodies like us.

I’ve employed a few tools to help me on my way.  Firstly (and probably the inspiration for this challenge) I found a book titled: The Foodies’ Guide to Brisbane, by Karen Reyment. Appropriate no?  And coupled with Urbanspoon on my phone, Yelp! and the people around me I think I should be able to shed a different light to what this city has to offer to me.   If you live here, or have visited and think I should know about a great shop, restaurant, or bar, please let me know.

Hope you enjoy being a part of the journey, let the learning begin.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Try Pintxo tapas bar in New Farm it is awesome. The whole New Farm area has an great vibe. Drinks outside at the powerhouse is pretty cool too as you can watch all the boats and ferries going by – I miss Bris-vegas!!


    1. Leah says:

      I’ll definitley add it to my list as I love tapas. I have done drinks outside the Powerhouse once after a comedy show and I agree that was pretty cool. Trying to get myself back in the groove this year. thanks for the tips, they’re awesome.


  2. chezmaree says:

    I recommend Flamingo Cafe and Campos, both in Fortitude Valley, Davies Park Markets in West End (every Saturday morning), and Green Tea for awesome, cheap Vietnamese – have fun exploring Brisbane!


    1. Leah says:

      Thanks for the great suggestions. 🙂


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