Pita Crisps


A low-cost, high taste, medium effort snack for when you have a group of friends around, or just want something to nibble on with that glass of wine, or beer.

I have memories of making 100’s of them for a housewarming party many years ago, but I think the idea might have come from my Mum.  (checking her blog… yup!). I’m pretty sure these were a part of the catering repertoire at one point or another in her career.

I’ve made 2 different sorts, certainly the flavours are versatile, and this is a great way to use up stale pita bread.


Pita Crisps

  • pita bread
  • olive oil/garlic or herb infused oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • mixed herbs
  • finely grated cheese – I used tasty but I think this would be awesome with parmesan too.

Cut your pita bread into wedges and split apart to place onto a baking tray.


Spot oil onto the bread with a pastry brush and then sprinkle with the salt and herbs.  Cheese is optional.


Bake in a 180-200c oven for approx 5 mins or until golden brown.  Cool and serve with dips or in a bowl like chips.  Will keep in an air tight container for a few days.

Happy Cooking, and Happy Eating,



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