Cherry Brandy


1It’s amazing how buying a large quantity of anything gets the creative juices flowing.  Our 5kg box of cherries actually didn’t feel that big, but it’s been a gift that has evolved.  I mentioned in a previous post when I made my Cherry Jam, that it turned out quite liquid.  Well to make my jam a nice consistency, I strained off the juice into a bottle and left the fruit separate so it was the way I wanted it.  Now the big question became… what do I do with this thick luscious left over cherry sauce.  Well as we know, Google knows basically everything…. so we googled cherries and the answer to our needs came in the result of brandy.


Cherry Brandy

  • 100ml Cherry Sauce (from Cherry Conserve)
  • 50ml good quality vodka
  • 100ml good quality brandy

Combine well and this is ready to go!  Should keep in sealed bottle for a few months without refrigeration.



The next question is what are we going to make with the brandy????


Happy Creating, and Happy Drinking,


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