A foodie’s view of Bali

Heinz explaining about buying fish in Bali
Heinz explaining about buying fish in Bali

About 3 years ago I took my second holiday to Bali.  The first time round I had been fortunate to go with work, but it had been a few nights in Kuta Beach, which wasn’t really my style.  This time around I travelled with my foodie friend Tui, and we choose to stay in Ubud, and in Nusa Dua.  Turned out to be much more my speed and created far more affection for this destination.   We made a point of eating in different places, trying different food, and even participated in a cooking school.  This turned out to be an absolute highlight and in my view a must do for anyone that loves cooking and travel’s to Bali.

Bumbu Bali cooking school is run by Hienz von Holzen , a Swiss born, Australian chef who has been living in Bali for decades and know’s his stuff.  He operates a few pure balinese restaurants in the tourist areas of Bali, along with his cooking school, and some accommodation.  You start the day super early at a local market with a lesson on spices and ingredients.  With a balinese style breakfast off the street, you then head to the fish markets, before making your way to the commercial kitchen to start the creating.  Along the way you learn a lot about the state of the food industry in Bali, the differences between Javanese, Indonesian and Balinese food, and that Nasi Goreng is not really from Bali.  I loved the way that we were actively encouraged to mingle in the group, to consider not only the food, but the social aspects of where we were and to learn about the Balinese culture itself. I would without a doubt say this is the best cooking school I”ve ever participated in whilst travelling, and I’ve done a few.

Bali is actually a great foodie destination, with so many international chefs, some seriously great restaurants, and a beautiful location.  Like any tourist destination there is also lots of very average places so you do have to be a bit discerning and be prepared for disappointments along with the wins.    For today, I thought I would share some images from this trip to inspire you all to visit this great place and try this awesome cooking school.

IMG_3049working womancurry pastefish1concentratingcookingfruit fruit2 fishmarkets

Happy Travelling and Happy Eating,


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