Review: Mr & Mrs G…. of course we had to try it!


Recently we were looking for somewhere nice to have a pre-dinner drink in the city.  So when we saw the name of this Brisbane Riverside Bar we could hardly go past it.  To explain, both my partner and myself have surnames that start with G… and we have recently formed a business/company of the name Gees Property Solutions… so you see… it was a pretty logical choice of bar to try.

I read up on the place on Yelp! and was forewarned by the reviews that it wasn’t cheap.  Whilst this was certainly the case, they had a wonderfully diverse wine list and a really quite special cocktail list.     Add to that a great little tasting bar menu and you’ve got a lovely spot down by the river on Eagle Street Pier.

The other half sampled a Treacle, which was a rather dominant aged rum and smoked apple cocktail that would have suited me more as an after meal drink, but it was still delish and the drinker was pretty happy with his choice.


I went with the lighter citrus of a Southside.  Gin based with lemon and mint,  it was the perfect accompaniment to a setting sun over the city on a Saturday evening.


To snack we had some pork belly.  A great choice, with fragrant Asian spiced tones and that lush flavour and texture that only pork belly can have.  It was quite a good match with the bold Treacle cocktail.

The background music was eclectic, and not quite bar like to my mind with some of the tunes.  The service was fabulous though, attentive, without being intrusive, and the decor is relaxed with lounge chairs, without being too informal.   A smaller location means that the vibe is intimate, classy and a little bit special.   The only real critisism I have is that I would have liked is a better choice of music in the background to suit the location and tone of the bar.

If you’re looking for one or two drinks pre-dinner somewhere in the city, and money is not too much of an issue, then I would definitely recommend this as somewhere to start your night off right.

Mr & Mrs G’s

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