Review: Willow and Spoon


Breakfast can be a tricky meal to eat out for I find, particularly on a Sunday.  Restaurants and cafe’s are always busy and so many places serve standard variations of bacon and eggs, fruit toast and maybe pancakes or waffles.  It can get boring, the eggs are either over or under cooked….this list can go on.

Having spent years in my past being a breakfast cook I know the trials of sending out 100’s of poached eggs to order, and keeping things interesting for the eaters.  So I have to say that I’m very pleasantly surprised by some of the amazing and creative options out there to choose from in the Brisbane scene.  Breakfast dining is actually quite exciting and interesting at the moment.

Our latest breakfast adventure took us to a local suburban cafe called Willow and Spoon.  Lauded as a favourite on Yelp! by many customers I am pleased to say that it lived up to the hype.  We were there just in time to secure a table, watching many hungry eaters being turned away because of a full cafe, and others choosing to do takeaway to still get their caffeine fix.  Clearly this is a cafe that is full of regular locals.  And it’s definitely a location to book a table if there is more than 1 or 2 of you eating out.

The menu was exciting, I had a serious issue in choosing what I wanted and then had quite a case of food envy after tasting the other half’s breakfast.   Mine was a pumpkin and pine nut bread (more like cake) served with polenta porridge and poached figs.


It was warming, rich and sweet, reminding me of a rice pudding type flavour.  I was grateful for my coffee to break the sticky sweetness of the dish, but was very satisfied nonetheless.  The other selection was poached eggs with haloumi, olives, tomatoes served on a bed of corn bread with a side of bacon.  The bacon was really not necessary with the other flavours marrying superbly well together.


My only criticism was that it wasn’t cheap ( I wonder if you can get a good cheap breakfast out these days in OZ?), but we were both very happy with our coffees and food.   The creativity in the meals, and the quality of the food still made it value in my mind.   Most dishes were around the $15-18 mark.  Coffee prices were pretty standard for what you pay anywhere in the city these days.  Our only service frustration might be that our coffee maybe took a little longer than we would have liked, but really when a cafe is pumping at 10 am on a Sunday we only have ourselves to blame for being impatient.  We do know better.

Willow and Spoon is worth a try if you’re in the area, and worth a repeat visit if you haven’t been there recently.  According to other reviews they change their menu monthly, so we’ll be back to see what other delights they can cook up for us for breakfast.

Where: 28 Sanford Rd, shop 2, Alderley, QLD 4051

Tel: 07 3113 3810

Hours: Closed Monday

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 3pm

Thurs – Sat 6-9pm

Saturday – 7.30am – 2pm

Sunday – 7.30am – 1pm


Happy Exploring & Happy Eating,



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