Banana and Walnut Bread For Everyone


I love that food starts conversations, and fuels sharing like nothing else I know.   A previous post of wheat free peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies resulted in a number of conversations about catering for a growing number of allergies and intolerance for the people I know and love around me.   So much so that one of my gorgeous sisters has shared this great recipe with me for you to all try.   Her family is unfortunate enough to pretty much be allergic to all the major foods that cause problems for people.  I don’t envy her challenges in the kitchen, but love some of the idea’s that she has given me that I’ll share with you all in the near future.

So this recipe is fructose free, wheat free, no honey, dairy & lactose free…. it will tick the boxes if you aren’t able to eat something, but still want to be able to treat yourself occasionally.  And for those of you fortunate enough not to worry about food restrictions the good news is for everyone that the texture of this bread is amazing!  Light and moist, just right for your afternoon tea, or even toasted with a dash of butter on it.  You’d have no idea it was designed for the more food challenged amongst us.

I’ve jazzed my version up to be a bit more grown up, but this is what is recommended by Yvette:

“½ cup of …your choice of single or combination of walnuts, choc bits or sultanas… if you can handle a little fructose… (my fav ¼ cup walnuts, ¼ cup sultanas, kids fav choc and sultanas)” 

She notes:” I cannot handle much fructose but find from ¼ cup sultanas through the loaf fine (limiting to two slices a day). There seems to be something about the cooking/it absorbing moisture that makes it more tolerable to digest (well my digestion anyway).”


Yvette’s Gluten Free, Low Allergy Banana & Walnut Bread

  • 1 cup mashed banana
  • 125g nutalex (margarine) – you can use butter if there is no dairy issues
  • 3/4 cup raw sugar
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1 cup gluten-free flour
  • 1/4 psyllium husks
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 drops vanilla essence.

optional inclusion:

  • 2 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbl sp. boiling water

Pre-heat your oven to 180c.  Grease and line a loaf tin.

Cream your margarine & sugar until light and fluffy.  At this point add in the eggs one at a time, until well combined.   Dissolve the coffee in a small amount of boiling water and add along with your vanilla essence, mashed banana & chopped walnuts to the mix and combine well.


Combine your gluten-free flour, psyllium husks, bicarb & baking powder in a separate bowl and then add to the wet ingredients combining well.   Your mixture will be fairly thick.


Spoon into you loaf tin and bake in the oven for approx 1 hour, or until a skewer returns clean from the loaf.


Allow to cool and serve either fresh or toasted.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating.  Thanks for sharing the love Yvette.



This post is part of the monthly link up party Our Growing Edge. This event aims to connect food bloggers and inspire us to try new things. This month is hosted by Marija from Palachinka.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. ohlidia says:

    This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Leah says:

      thank you. Super tasty too 🙂


  2. ladyredspecs says:

    Paula made your cake yesterday, with a few minor adjustments, we didn’t have psyllium husks, used ground pecans instead. It was b—–y delicious!


    1. Leah says:

      oh cool! It’s one of Vet’s recipes. I loved it so much I’ve just taken a second loaf out of the oven this morning too. This time I’ve added 2 tsp of cinnamon instead of the coffee to give it some spice. 🙂 Its nice toasted too if you have any leftovers xxx


  3. Both coffee and cinnamon sound great. Though coffee makes this banana bread sound like a great breakfast toast. Thanks for submitting to Our Growing Edge this month!


    1. Leah says:

      Oh thank you. I’ve made both and my favourite is definitely with the coffee addition. It gives it a beautiful edge. Looking forward to being a part of Our Growing Edge, its inspiring me already 🙂


  4. That looks so moist and yummy. So glad you did a gf quick bread.


    1. Leah says:

      thank you. Its quite an amazing recipe for gluten free.


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