The Donna Hay Update

I’m about halfway through this challenge that I set myself back last month and I thought it was time for an update to check in and find out how it’s working out.

What have you thought of the recipes you’ve seen so far?

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’ve started to get a little bit bored with eating from the same recipe book regularly. I’ve started out gung-ho making multiple recipes on the same day, but I’ve started to lose my enthusiasm as time has gone on.  As my Mum rightly said to me recently, most people might cook one or two recipes from a cook book over a long period of time, they certainly aren’t written to be followed slavishly, nor exclusively.  Having said that, this is a recipe book you should make yourself dip into more than just once or twice.  Some of the recipes have been really worth trying and you would be doing yourself a disservice to not try them out.

Is there a recipe on the list you really want to see me make before the challenge ends?

Stand by whilst I try to get through some of the remaining list for you all, and I will try to cater to any requests.  I’m not going to be promising I reach 30, but I’ll continue to give it a red hot go over the coming months.

What has been our verdict on Fresh and Light?

  • favourite recipe (mine):
Roasted Brussel Sprout and Pear Salad
Roasted Brussel Sprout and Pear Salad
  • tied with (his):
Rosemary Fries
Rosemary Fries
  • least favourite recipe:
Fetta, Olive and Yoghurt Dip
Feta, Olive and Yoghurt Dip
  • easiest recipe to make:
No Cook Pasta Sauce
No Cook Pasta Sauce
  • most surprising (in a good way) recipe:
Quinoa Pea Fritters with Zucchini
Quinoa Pea Fritters with Zucchini
  • best new idea/flavour combination:
Fennel and Orange Chicken Skewers with Carrot Salad
Fennel and Orange Chicken Skewers with Carrot Salad

Overall verdict?

I’ve already admitted to being a fan of Donna Hay and this book hasn’t changed my opinion of that really. I love the fresh recipes and the great flavour combinations.  Whilst her recipes are often simple and far from ground breaking I think as cooks we all need reminding of flavours we’ve forgotten about or suggestions of new combinations that could revolutionise our weekly dinners.   I would definitely recommend checking this book out if you can get your hot little hands on it.

If you shop on Amazon/Booktopia check out their sites individually as the book is being published on the 11 February 2014 for the International market.

If you’re in Australia or happy with Australian metric measurements then you can get this book direct on Donna Hay’s website.

Which recipe has taken your fancy that you’ll be trying in your kitchen?

Happy Cooking & Happy Eating,



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