Our Growing Edge


Happy December Everyone!  Day two already and time is screaming towards Christmas whether we’re ready or not! I’m probably sitting in the latter camp, but I’m going to do my best to pretend like this is just another month filled with great food, great company and lots of fun new recipes to try.

This month Sharing The Food We Love has the honor of hosting the final Our Growing Edge for 2013.  It was a concept dreamed up by Genie at Bunny. Eats. Design. this time last year as a way to encourage us to try new things in the kitchen and share them with other like minded foodie people.  To find out the full story, check out Genie’s beautiful rabbit Tofu, or if you are interested in hosting a future month of this wonderful theme jump over to this page to get more information.

So how does this all work?  This is a foodie challenge to grow your own foodie edge.  To try food that has been on your bucket list, attempt a recipe that has been staring you down when you open your favourite cook book, attempt a new food technique or face head on a food fear from your childhood and reinvent it into something that you would love to eat now.   Write about your experiences on your blog to share with us all and make sure that you share you blog post on the link below so that you get included in the round up in early January.

Don’t forget to include a copy of the logo in your post and make sure that you link it back to us by mentioning that “This month’s Our Growing Edge is hosted by Sharing The Food We Love”.   Share the idea with all your food blogging friends that might like to challenge themselves and share the story with us all.  If it’s food related, and we all know that there is likely to be some food related challenges at this time of the year, then I’m sure we’d love to read about it.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with and in the meanwhile I’m off to explore my cook books and see if I can distract myself from the idea of attempting to roast a turkey for the first time for Christmas.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m in! Thank you so much for hosting!


    1. Leah says:

      My pleasure, looking forward to seeing what people create this month 🙂


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