Liquid Love and a Negroni


Entertaining your senses can be indulged in many forms and for us that means not only enjoying what we eat, but also what we drink.  We take the time to savour the aromas, the textures, the colours and the flavours.   We will sometimes sit and discuss our impressions, often analysing what we find and what we wish could be there.  If it is something we’ve created then we may attempt a second version, or merely dream of what we will do differently next time.   Whilst I share mainly what happens in my kitchen from a food perspective there is another equally delicious creator in my kitchen that is the master of liquids.

If you can imagine from my many posts and shared recipes the passion that I have for food, then project that to the liquid half of our lives and you have some idea of the passion that exists for Mr G.  Watching him create a cocktail, pour a beer, or brew a cider is to observe someone who is passionate about their craft and will accept only the best.  With a history of working behind bars in London and Sydney this passion is has not only been a job, but has turned into a hobby and an interest which we thought was high time we took the time to share here on this blog.

This first cocktail is not one that he would choose to make for himself due to its bitterness, however it does not impact on his desire to turn the cocktail into a well-balanced and flavoured aperativé for the drinkers.

The Negroni was first introduced to me by my baby sister Kaz, and is one that I will occasionally treat myself too when I’m looking for something tart with a bit of punch at the end of the day when I have nowhere to be except savouring what lies in my glass.

The Negroni
Equal parts Gin, Campari & Noilly Prat

Place your ice into a low ball glass.  Pour each of the spirits into the glass and then stir to combine.  This will also help to chill the mixture.  To this add a well cleaned piece of orange rind, removing all the pith or it will make it bitter.


Twist it over the glass to release the oils, and if you dare, touch a flame to the oil to add an extra zing of burnt orange oil.

Drink immediately.


Happy Mixing & Happy Drinking,

Leah & Fraser


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Negroni…my new favourite cocktail – thanks for the recipe 🙂


    1. Leah says:

      Oh my pleasure! If you like Gin and Campari you’ll love it!


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