Wholewheat Irish Soda Bread


Recently I took myself to my local library for a browse.  I am a bookworm from way back, but for some unknown reason, don’t frequent my local library like I should.  Twelve month’s living in this area of Brisbane and this was my very first visit.  Bad bookworm I know.

The good news is that I had a wonderful time exploring the different sections and in particular the cookbook shelves.  One of the gems I borrowed whilst I was there was a cookbook from Kate Quinn Davies of the wonderful food blog by the name of What Katie Ate.  Kate’s styling and photography are to die for in her book and her food is wonderfully flavourful without being overworked and complicated.   I think this book may be one that I end up coveting to own outright, but in the meanwhile I thought I would do my enjoyment of reading her book justice by making up a loaf of her Irish Soda Bread.


If only all bread was this easy to make, I’d never buy a loaf again in my life.  The texture was chewy without being too dense, the edge got nice and crunchy and the creating was a 5 minute gig.   I should mention that this soda bread is a lot lighter than the delicious malty barley filled varieties that I had travelling around Ireland.  That is a creation that I still want to try, but for now this was a really nice bread that is worthy of being remade.

I had my first bite with some butter, but think the bread is perfectly suited to savoury flavours.  Katie serves her’s with smoked salmon and wasabi cream, but I would even suggest some dijon mustard and leg ham, or even some eggs would be a great partner to the wholemeal chewy texture and flavour that the bread holds.

Happy Baking and Happy Eating,


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