Sharing The Food We Love Right Now

So often I share food with you all that has been created for special occasions, for treats or as an experiment. Whilst we love all kinds of food, sometimes I feel as if I’m veering from the true spirit of my blog, which is to share food that is easy to make on a regular basis, to eat and to share with the people who you love. When I’m absent or quiet on my blog, the chances are that I’m making the very food that this blog was created for, on repeat.

With that in mind I wanted to take the time to share some of the recipes and meals that are on high rotation in my kitchen right now.

Coconut Rough

1. Variations of date and coconut chocolate treats like Coconut Rough, Hedgehog and Rum Balls. I get the chocolate treat without the fatty guilt and as a perk I avoid dairy and wheat in the process.

Ginger Poached Chicken with Fennel and Apple Slaw

2. Poached chicken which goes with everything. Wether we shred it in a salad or a sandwich, add it to rice paper rolls or eat it as a snack we know it’s healthy and über simple to cook and it will keep for a few days in the fridge to feed us for healthy lunches and dinners.


3. Chicken Congee is the winter warmer of choice for soups.  Filling and the best thing I know for curing a starting cold there is always some homemade chicken stock to hand, and some rice to throw in, to make this healthy, nourishing soup.

Lemon and Rosemary Potatoes

4. Roast Potatoes are always favourites in our house.  Wether I’m using cuttings from our rosemary plant to make Lemon and Rosemary Potatoes or I remember how good the Hasselback Potatoes are and break out the knife skills.


5. And whilst we are talking about roast vegetables… variations on this Roast Vegetable Salad are still making an appearance… no one salad is the same as the next, but that is what make it so good as a quick and easy option for dinner on a cold winters night.

What is your favourite food on high repeat right now?

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating,


* all images are my own.  Feature image sourced from

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lonaj68 says:

    For me at this time of the year its casseroles, casseroles, casseroles.
    Beef, chicken, lamb, veggies, red wine, garlic, leeks…..
    I’ve had requests from family and friends for choc, fudge banana cake and gingerbread biscuits.


    1. Leah says:

      Oh yum, for sure, for all of those things 🙂


  2. nancy@jamjnr says:

    You are so right. Often times we are eating variations of things I’ve already posted about. A plate of roast veggies with haloumi cheese has been on regular rotation in my kitchen for the last few weeks – every time it’s different depending on what’s going on in the fridge. Hubbie won’t grumble about the lack of meat as long as there’s haloumi on top.


    1. Leah says:

      Cheese makes everything good really, and helps make the veggies go down 🙂


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