Boon Tat Satay Market

Each night as the sun sets in amongst a concrete and glass jungle we call Singapore, a busy little street known as Boon Tat hosts a fabulous evening street party.  The lines of cars are replaced with plastic tables and stools, and the wooden caravans open their shutters, to reveal their BBQ’s and delicacies. As the night heats up the air will fill with smoke as the BBQ’s fire and cook satay made of chicken, mutton and beef by the hundred.  Should you choose to venture down to Boon Tat St you are sure to be invited to take a seat, pull out your wallet and begin to feast upon these tasty treats.

And thus started our experience of Singapore food…


We really enjoyed our experience of Boon Tat St Satay.  The hawkers were flat-out, but we had no trouble in finding ourselves a table to enjoy their wares.  The meat was well BBQ’d and the prawns, whilst messy to peel, were large and meaty and fantastic to eat.  Everything is cooked before your eyes over the special narrow coal pits that you will see lining the street.  The satay sauce is served seperately to accompany your order and we found it spicy and slightly sweet in the right way.  To balance out this heat, the meat was also served with a salsa of pineapple, cucumber and onion, which was fresh and delicious.

We negotiated to get a mixed plate of meats even though we were initially told that there was a minimum of 10 pieces per serve, so don’t be scared to ask if they can be flexible to suit what you want.  Tiger beer is served by the jug and cost us about $19SGD.  It was cold and went perfectly with our meal although took a bit of time getting to us.  The ladies serving drinks looked like they were run off their feet and a touch confused with so many tables but as long as you are prepared to be patient you will end up with what you order.   Other vendors line the area selling iced coffees and chocolates and also soft drink.

As for the atmosphere of the location I loved the buzz of filled tables enjoying the food and socialising in a street surrounded by large office buildings.   It was a bit smokey but it didn’t bother me given where we were and why the smoke was being produced, it just added to the buzz of street eating.   I also noticed that there was more than one table with a group of people together.  There even seemed to be a few reunions going on with people bumping into friends too, so it’s somewhere the locals visit and enjoy as much as the tourists.

Be prepared to be approached multiple times by vendors selling side dishes once you are seated (which could be meals in themselves) and tissues and wet wipes, but its all a part of the experience and one that we would recommend to anyone taking themselves to Singapore.  Most of all don’t forget to bring some cash as it’s the only way to pay for your meal.

Where: Boon Tat Street, Singapore (next to the Lau Pa Sat Hawker Food Market)

When: Daily from Sunset

Cost: starts from 60c/ piece with a minimum of 10 pieces per plate

What kind of food:

  • Satay sticks of lamb, beef, chicken or prawns served with freshly cut pineapple, onion and cucumber
  • Extra dishes of noodles, salads and rice are available from local vendors
  • Drinks of beer, kopi and soft drink are also available from local vendors

Don’t Forget:

  • to bring cash
  • to bring wet wipes or tissues as you will end up with dirty fingers
  • to bring some patience and a good appetite

Shared With Love,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. dimshum says:

    I love satay! Wish I had a chance to visit this place when I was in Singapore this summer!


    1. Leah says:

      My too, this place is fabulous! If you are back in Singapore I’d highly recommend giving it a try. 🙂


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