Good Food and Wine Weekend



This weekend in Brisbane is going to be all about good food and wine.  Well, to be honest, every weekend in my house is about good food and wine, but in particular this weekend I get to explore the latest offerings from small producers of delicious goodness, plus go for a little bit of virtual travel to local wine regions, without having to leave the confines of the Brisbane Exhibition Centre.   Yes that’s right, it’s Good Food and Wine Show Time.  Rather than rehash last years experience, I will invite you to follow along with our discoveries by joining us on the usual social media apps of Instagram (@sharingthefoodwelove), Twitter (leahjane_g) and Facebook (sharingthefoodwelove).

I’ll be sharing the best pictures of what we find along the way and hope you follow along to join in the fun.

Shared With Love,


PS.  If you’re heading to the show yourself make sure you check out my post from last year about the lesson’s we learned to prepare ourselves for some serious exploring and tasting.

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  1. Hayley says:

    We’re heading to this too, I must say I am very excited!! 🙂 Just about to check out your post from last year…


    1. Leah says:

      Enjoy! It’s a fabulous fun day out 🙂


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