Creating Traditions

I’m a sentimental person.  I thrive on evoking memories of good times and look to lay the foundation now for future dreaming in what I do.  Christmas is particularly a time that this comes to the fore, although as an adult of late I’ve been pretty slack about maintaining any kind of routine.

Without hesitation I can say that since my teens I’ve always baked at least one batch of Swedish Gingerbread (peppakakor), sprinkled my Christmas decorations around the house and most years I’ve had a tree but now that I have a little person to consider, I’m staring to think about what traditions and associations I’d like for him to have around Christmas time.

  • Christmas Carols – As a child I have cherished memories of candles stuck in take away cups, sitting on rugs outside and singing Christmas carols.  Unfortunately modern times have meant many places no longer celebrate this beautiful gathering due to political correctness (not wanting to associate to any particular religious practice) which I think is a real shame.  It was never about the religious associations for me as a child, but a chance to gather with friends and family and be outside after dark for a summer treat.  We did manage to find a local council offering this year and then it got rained out from a massive storm, so this is a tradition that I’m hoping we can begin next year.

  • Gingerbread – I’m sticking to my guns on this one and make at least one batch a year.  Will already got his fingers dirty and had a few sneaky tastes along the way in helping me to make the first dough of the year so I’m calling this one as tradition started.

  • Decorating the Tree – We live in such a small place that the addition of a toddler has meant that we’re going without a Christmas tree for the second year in a row.   I’m hoping next year can be different but in the meanwhile we are going to be heading to my Mum’s house for Christmas Eve and take a leaf out of the Swedish tradition by decorating our tree on Christmas Eve.  With carols playing and Christmassy foods I’m hoping this may become another tradition that we stick to.
  • Giving Presents – Christmas can be about so much more than presents, but I’m hoping I can teach my little one the joy of choosing a thoughtful present for someone and that there is almost as much joy in the giving as there is the receiving.  Starting next year I’m planning that we will chose a small gift to be wrapped and given to charity to teach him the value of sharing and bringing joy to strangers.

  • Christmas Lights – I am not a big fan of decorating my house in Christmas lights, but I have two exceptions.  I like to have a star in the window, and plain white, non-flashing lights on my Christmas Tree.  This year I splashed out and bought myself a new star and I love its subtle pretty light.

I’m sure there will be more traditions as the years go by.  I like the big meal shared with family, but with everyone scattered near and far that isn’t always possible for us.  I’d love to know what your favourite tradition is at this time of the year?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that Jazz!

Shared With Love,

Leah xxx


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  1. Hi Leah – hands down my favourite tradition is Christmas lights at home, Christmas music and a good hearty feast!

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  2. I really really wish I had seen your recipe yesterday! I left my favourite gingerbread recipe back home in the UK, and was frantically searching the internet for a replacement one to make here in Athens. It was a disaster and all of the cookies and the rest of the dough ended up in the bin. My favourite tradition (other than the food!) is the tree. Lets hope you get to put one up next year!


    1. Leah says:

      Oh no, there’s no time for baking disasters at Christmas 🙂 I’m looking forward to making the tree trimming a special occasion this year even if it isn’t in my own house. Merry Christmas Debi xx

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