Fresh and Light by Donna Hay

In the spirit of trying new recipes and getting my kitchen out of the usual rut I’m embarking on a project of sorts.  I’ve set myself the challenge of cooking at least 30 of the 180 recipes out of the latest Donna Hay cookbook in attempt to expand my repertoire.  It seems like time to start using the expansive recipe book library that I have and uncover some of the gems that sit between the covers.

Fresh & Light by Donna Hay (2012)
Fresh & Light by Donna Hay (2012)

I’ve chosen this particular book first because Donna Hay’s food represents simple flavours, combined well to form dishes made to be cooked in everyone’s kitchen.  Her cookbooks and magazines encourage learning flavour combinations with multiple versions of the same recipe to demonstrate the flexibility of the dish and the ease of adapting it to suit what you might have in your pantry and fridge.  If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you know this is my kind of cooking as I tend to adapt to suit my taste buds when I’m following someone’s recipe.

In this book (and really any of her work) her photography and design team will have you drooling at their clean appealing images they create with food.  The recipes are easy enough to follow that they’ll have you dashing for your pantry rather than feeling like you have to hunt down a specialty food store or be a master chef to cook them.  I can highly recommend this, or any of Donna Hay’s books, as a gift for someone who is starting out on their kitchen journey, or just needs something to reinvigorate their ideas.

So whats up first?  Well over the following weeks you’ll be seeing the following recipes from my kitchen (& the list will grow as I go):

  1. Feta, Olive & Yoghurt Dip
  2. Fennel & Orange Chicken Skewers with Carrot Salad
  3. Roasted Brussels Sprout & Pear Salad
  4. Tofu Mayonnaise
  5. No Cook Pasta Sauce
  6. Quinoa Granola
  7. Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie
  8. Red Quinoa, Kale & Haloumi Salad
  9. Quinoa Pea Fritters with Zucchini
  10. Quinoa Tabouli
  11. Ginger Poached Chicken with Fennel and Apple Slaw
  12. Rosemary Fries 

Stay tuned for the following recipes on the way…

  1. Asparagus, Tomato and Feta Eggwhite Omelette
  2. Spinach and Ricotta Quesadillas
  3. White Slaw and Lemon Poached Chicken
  4. Warm Puy Lentil and Rare Tarragon Beef Salad
  5. Lemon and Goat’s Cheese Roasted Chicken
  6. Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers and Ginger Quinoa
  7. Frittata
  8. Lime and Chilli Fish Tacos
  9. Quinoa Roasted Chicken with Olive Gremolata
  10. Grilled Lamb and Eggplant with Feta and Mint
  11. Grilled Steak with Green Salsa
  12. Polenta Crust Tomato Tart
  13. Whole Wheat Pizza Base
  14. Balsamic Glazed Beetroots
  15. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  16. Granita
  17. Pear Tart
  18. Banana and Maple Syrup Ice Cream

I can’t wait to begin sharing some of the delicious recipes I’ve already started on and let you know my favourites.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Donna Hay, check out her website:

Happy Reading & Happy Cooking


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cook project! I’m terrible at cooking recipes out of books. I tend to use them only as inspiration.


    1. Leah says:

      I’m the same as you, I tend to only use them as inspiration. I thought I’d dig a little deeper and try learning a few new tricks. So far its been a pretty happy journey (postings to come)… its just staying on track that might be the challenge 🙂


  2. ohlidia says:

    What a great idea! I love Donna Hay and will be looking forward to your culinary journey with her.


  3. Janet Rörschåch says:

    There are times when I use cookbooks as guides, but upon occasion I will follow the directions to the T. I’m not really that familiar with Donna Hay. I know I’ve seen a couple of her books here in the local bookstores. Is she about healthy cooking?


    1. Leah says:

      Hi Janet, Donna Hay’s books are generally about easy to make food that doesn’t take hours to create but still looks and tastes great. The book I’m using for the challenge has a healthier focus to it, but it is still about simple recipes made well. Worth a look if you want some fresh idea’s but dont want to spend hours in the kitchen. Happy Cooking, Leah


  4. Laura says:

    Hi Leah,
    Just wanted to say I love reading your post. A bit behind the times I know, but I actually bought this book today and thought I’d try to make some of the recipes too. I buy cookbooks but they just sit in the shelf collecting dust and we continue to spend money going out for meals. Thus crazy costly cycle has to stop!!
    Anyway, thank you for your awesome inspiring cooking! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading!!


    1. Leah says:

      Hi Laura,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading up on this book. It’s got some beautiful recipes that are very easy to make. I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from my posts.



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